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In our line of work, we try to understand a lot about people, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about how people actually change.

 “All of us want to try to be the best person we can be, but we all start in different places, and we all choose a different definition of ‘better’”. – John Lyons, producer of shift, shift…Bloom!

There are all sorts of theories, therapeutic approaches, and interventions, but we don’t have a clear idea on what leads people to change to make their lives more fulfilling. The idea of this podcast is to collect stories from different people in different places with different experiences to understand how they’ve changed, and understand how they see their personal change processes.

Transformational Stories

The newly launched TCOM podcast, shift, shift…Bloom!, examines how people change, why they change, and how they sustain the changes that are most important to them in their everyday lives. The ten-episode first season features guests who consider themselves change makers and change embracers as well as those who identify as resistors of change — we’re all somewhere on that spectrum in different domains of our lives, aren’t we?

shift, shift…Bloom! Podcast Cover Art
shift, shift…Bloom! Podcast Cover Art

Conversations with host Kristen Cerelli explore the importance of mindset, personality, life circumstances, communities of support, and sources of inspiration on the process of transformation. In ten additional bonus episodes, Dr. John Lyons contributes his unique perspective, seeking to illuminate how change itself can be both deeply personal and beautifully universal.

About the Host

headshot of Kristen Cerelli
Kristin Cerelli, host of the podcast, shift, shift…Bloom!

Kristen Cerelli sets the tone for shift, shift…Bloom!, anchoring interviews with a perspective gained from her work as a performer and from her training as a theatre artist and personal coach.

Compelling guests from all across the world share their personal stories of change, and the ensuing interviews have been enlightening.” – Kristen Cerelli, host of shift, shift…Bloom!

Kristen crossed paths with Dr. John Lyons on their mutual “first day on the job” at the University of Kentucky. The two professors struck up a conversation, and although from very different worlds, they discovered a shared interest in the process of human transformation.

Kristen was part of the team that brought TCOM training videos to the California Department of Social Services. Kristen has appeared on stage in NYC, on television, and she has released two CDs of original songs. She holds an MFA from The New School and enjoys broadening her experience as a creative storyteller.

Where to Listen

TCOM Takeaway 10: Cat Stevens, Guadalcanal Diary and Just Being in the Moment Shift Shift Bloom

Notes to Come.
  1. TCOM Takeaway 10: Cat Stevens, Guadalcanal Diary and Just Being in the Moment
  2. EP10: Grab the Kids and Go, with African Immigrant "Leonie"
  3. TCOM Takeaway 9: The Actor in All of Us
  4. EP9: Strip Down the Layers, with Method Actors Gabe Fazio and Brandy Hotchner
  5. TCOM Takeaway 8: Embrace Random Convenience, a.k.a. Yak Jerky is Delicious

The podcast launches today (Monday, February 14th), with the trailer and first episode now available. The first episode features Jordan Constantine, a Senior Policy Analyst and Safe Systems practitioner for the IPH Center, who shares his gender transition journey.

shift, shift…Bloom! is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Soon, this will be available everywhere you get your podcasts. To further support the podcast or access exclusive content, you can become a member of shift, shift…Bloom!’s Patreon.

A new episode will be available every Monday, with the end of Season 1 occurring on April 18th. Bonus episodes for Patreon subscribers will first be available on Friday, February 18th and 9 more to follow weekly, finishing April 22nd.


The show was created by host Kristen Cerelli and producer Tim Fall, in collaboration with Dr. John Lyons, director of The Center for Innovation in Population Health at The University of Kentucky, and founder of The Praed Foundation, supporting the development and dissemination of support system improvement strategies called Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management, or TCOM.

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