Resiliency | TCOM Podcast

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We are introducing both Michele McFadden and Cynthia Alpan, who were recently featured on the new TCOM podcast, “shift, shift…Bloom!“. Michele is a survivor of a hit-and-run accident where she was left with a traumatic brain injury. Cynthia is a financial advisor in Lebanon, a country that is struggling through one of the worst financial crises the world has ever seen. This podcast examines how people change, and to do this, we ask individuals who consider themselves change-makers, change embracers or change resistors to share their personal stories of transformation.

Power of Transformation | Juliana Barton

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Our TCOM Podcast, “Shift, Shift, Bloom” shared part 2/2 of our interview with Juliana Barton. Juliana’s story of chronic abuse in her family was followed by a series of experiences with apathy and ineffectiveness in child welfare and public health care systems. Despite the challenges of dealing with flawed systems, Juliana was able to rise above them. Her story of resilience and working to give back to the systems that failed her and her family is as noble as it is tragic. We think her story will give you pause, but also it will give you hope and inspiration. Please join us in our journey to understand how people change.

Overcoming Adversity with Dr. De Lacy Davis | TCOM Champion

We will be starting a new series in which we highlight past TCOM award winners (TCOM Champions) for their work in the TCOM community. At the 2020 TCOM Conference, De Lacy Davis, EdD, won the TCOM Family Advocate Champion Award for his inspiring leadership in ensuring parents receive the help they need. Dr. Davis was also a keynote for the virtual 2021 TCOM Conference. He is the Director for the Family Support Organization of Union County and the Executive Director for the New Jersey Alliance of Family Support Organizations. He is also the founder and still leading the organization, Black Cops Against Police Brutality.

The TCOM Podcast: All About How People Change

The newly launched TCOM podcast, “shift, shift…Bloom!”, examines how people change, why they change, and how they sustain the changes that are most important to them in their everyday lives. The ten-episode first season features guests who consider themselves change makers and change embracers as well as those who identify as resistors of change — we’re all somewhere on that spectrum in different domains of our lives, aren’t we? You may listen to “shift, shift…Bloom!” on any platform you get your podcasts.