The TCOM Podcast: All About How People Change

The newly launched TCOM podcast, “shift, shift…Bloom!”, examines how people change, why they change, and how they sustain the changes that are most important to them in their everyday lives. The ten-episode first season features guests who consider themselves change makers and change embracers as well as those who identify as resistors of change — we’re all somewhere on that spectrum in different domains of our lives, aren’t we? You may listen to “shift, shift…Bloom!” on any platform you get your podcasts.

Research Opportunity: Teaming & Connectedness

Dr. John Lyons and Dr. Elizabeth Riley are initiating a program of research on effective teaming as a part of the IPH Center’s focus on collaboration. If you work in a team environment, we’d like to get your perspective and learn from your experience. The survey generally takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Thanks for considering participating.