Thanks to Stephanie Romney, in collaboration with Carolyn Webster-Stratton and John Lyons, we have a great guide to the integration of the Incredible Years and the CANS 0-5.

What is The Incredible Years (IY)?

The Incredible Years is a training program that occurs as a series of complementary evidence-based programs that promote child social, emotional, and academic competence and reduce child behavior problems.

Integrating the IY and the CANS 0-5

Dr. Webster-Stratton and Dr. Lyons contributed their breadth and depth of experience  to help integrate the use of the CANS 0-5 into the parent training programs for caregivers of children ages 0-5. This final report is a guide for system administrators, program managers, clinical supervisors, and other stakeholders that are responsible for implementing the CANS and IY.

The tools of TCOM (such as the CANS 0-5) are tools of a larger collaborative process. In conjunction with the training program and a method of implementation, we increase the impact of qualitative and quantitative data/information to promote real growth in the care we provide to children and families in need.

Take a look at the final report: Integration of IY and the CANS

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