With the 2016 TCOM Conference a month away we want to highlight some of our fantastic speakers and presenters to give you a glimpse of what to expect for the conference. Each presenter at the conference has been an integral part in successful implementations of the TCOM framework and a trusted partner in practice.


Kenneth McGill, EdS LMFT

Senior Training & Consultation Specialist, Children’s System of Care Training Program

Rutgers-UBHC Behavioral Research and Training Institute

Kenneth McGill is the statewide trainer on all of the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tools offered in the New Jersey Children’s System of Care in New Jersey. Ken was the 2013 recipient of the Praed Foundation’s Outcomes Champion Award. As a published author and researcher he continues to contribute to the New Jersey Children’s System of Care especially regarding evidence based practices. He brings over 18 years of experience from both the New Jersey Systems of Care, as a Clinical Director of a Care Management Organization as well a Family Therapist in a private practice setting. His primary focus has been working with children and families meeting the challenges of ‘special needs.’ Ken is also licensed as a marriage and family therapist and currently serving as president of New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (NJAMFT).



Dan Warner, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Clinical Psychologist

Community Data Roundtable

Dan Warner is a clinical psychologist by training and the Executive Director of Community Data Roundtable, a nonprofit organization that implements communimetric systems in social services.  CDR is developing a growing pool of communimetric data, which it treats as a public resource for all stakeholders.  CDR leads data analysis roundtables for providers, payers and government entities, and develops communimetric Decision Support Algorithms for use in systems of care.  Dr. Warner also consults through an organization called Communimetrics, which helps private groups implement communimetric systems internally for clinical, quality, and compliance purposes.



For more information on our speakers view the _TCOM 2016-Agenda and follow us on Twitter to find your speakers on the day of the conference!

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