Written By: Ken McGill, EdS, LMFT

What are the steps needed to begin the process of getting a leg up? First we must name-it to obtain-it, the work assists to gain-it & sustain-it and the goal is to for it to remain long after we are gone.

So let’s take that first step to define TCOM or Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management.

Those who are familiar with communimetrics in human services know that information that is presented in an accessible way serves as a conduit for transparency and aides with the ease of interpretation while maintaining both validity and reliability (Praed Foundation, 2021). The CANS tools are used to facilitate Transformational processes of the human services field. These tools assist with the collaboration and developing a shared vision with those which are connected with the children/youth, adults, & families we serve. The focus must remain on monitoring outcomes ensuring that the work remains effective. Management of the data is essential in the work at all levels-direct care, agency and county/state levels.

Drs. John Lyons & April Fernando created a snap-shot visual of TCOM:

TCOM Framework visualization. TCOM is being symbolized by Roots of a tree.
TCOM Framework – Managing the ‘Business of Helping’

Communimetrics values “a deep appreciation for the unique position of service delivery systems at the intersection between science and management” (Praed Foundation, 2021). Using communimetric tools such as the Child Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) aid in the creation of a measure which can be used immediately translated and used for individualized care planning with those being served-children/youth, adults, and their families.

So getting a leg up on TCOM focuses on the goal of CANS to ‘name-it’ or – what is going on in the lives of those we serve. How can someone obtain-it if they do not first name-it or what is being identified as needs and/or strengths. The plans of care than are constructed to outline the transformation goals or the ‘gain-it.’ These become the skills, functional strengths being developed as part of care planning process. It will be the child/youth & family team that will ‘sustain-it’ developing/utilizing family & community supports. It is only with a shared vision that a child/youth, adult & their family will remain focused on reaching their own aspirational goals throughout life.

Getting A Leg Up On TCOM - Name-It, Obtain-It, Gain-It, Sustain-It are the steps, and if those steps remain, then we get TCOM. We are now moving from Systems of Care to Systems that Care.
Getting A Leg Up on TCOM – Moving from Systems of Care, to Systems That Care

My hope for 2021 and beyond is for everyone to name what they need to obtain & gain to sustain a fulfilling life and remain empowered to transformation their home, community, and the world in which we all inhabit. You now have a start to getting a leg up on the 2021 TCOM Conference

It is so exciting to be serving as the 2021 TCOM Conference Chairperson as I will have the distinct honor to serve alongside an amazing group of leaders who embody the philosophical tenets of TCOM!

NOTE: Call for Papers has been sent out, for more info you can go to TCOMConversations Deadline for submission is March 15th has been extended until Wednesday, March 31, 2021. If you are interested in presenting but you have questions please feel free to email me at 

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