17th Annual TCOM Conference

The 2021 TCOM Conference will be in the horse capital of the world – Lexington, Kentucky! Our theme for this year’s TCOM conference is “Getting a Leg Up On TCOM” – hosted by the Praed Foundation

All members of the international TCOM collaborative are invited to the annual TCOM Conference.

Back in September of 2019, the TCOM group established the Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH) in Lexington at the University of Kentucky. Since moving to Kentucky, we have gotten to experience the southern charm and hospitality that Lexington has to offer.

TCOM: Building Momentum for Shared Vision

Grounded in a philosophy of generating a shared vision to help people and their communities achieve wellness goals, Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) is an approach shared among thousands of professionals and advocates worldwide. For nearly two decades, the national TCOM Conference has provided a platform for the field to meet up, develop their skills, and share their knowledge.

This year, experts and professionals throughout the field will gather to focus upon a theme of “Getting A Leg-Up on TCOM,” in-person in Lexington, Kentucky-October 6-8, 2021. TCOM Conferences and the larger worldwide TCOM Collaborative have provided a platform for innovative thinking & sharing across all systems.

Over the decades there has amassed huge amounts of information on systems of care. The challenge has always been that data often gets siloed, where it is not shared for the betterment of service-delivery. TCOM Conferences have led the charge in breaking down siloes in order for ‘thought-leaders’ to successfully & creatively achieve implementations, as well as continuous quality improvement measures. It is through this collective gathering which has affirmed that we need each other in order to serve youth & families in equitable and transformative ways. We are excited for you to join us in person for this year’s TCOM Conference.

Conference Theme: Getting A Leg Up on TCOM

Conference Dates: October 6 – 8th, 2021

Location: In-person, Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

For those that have yet to attend an in-person TCOM Conference, we think you will find it a unique conference experience of a large group of committed and humble people seeking to share and learn from each other. We hope you join us in growing this culture of collaboration. 

If you are interested in Sponsoring the 17th Annual TCOM Conference, take a look at our Sponsor Brochure or connect with the Diamond, our Conference Lead, at communications@praedfoundation.org.

Registration will be open in June 2021.

If you have any questions in regards to the 2021 TCOM Conference, please contact Diamond Darling at communications@praedfoundation.org.