Happy Presidents’ Day! In the United States, the third Monday of February is known as Presidents’ Day, which historically honors the first President of the United States, George Washington. Today, Presidents’ Day is commonly viewed as a day to celebrate all presidents – past, present and future. 

Today at the Praed Foundation and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago we choose to honor our Team members. When we use the term “Team,” we think in broad and inclusive terms, starting with Dr. John S. Lyons, spearheading the Communimetric Theory, to TCOM Implementations all over the world, to the collaborative (including all of you readers) and to our team here at Chapin Hall.

Left to Right: Dr. John S Lyons, Lauren Schmidt, Nate Israel, April Fernando, Mark Lardner, Michelle Fernando, Nick Mader, Katie Sun, Anne Farrell, Lynn Steiner.                                     (Not Pictured: Suzie Button)

If you were able to attend the 12th Annual TCOM Conference in Princeton, NJ last year, you probably met most of us. Let’s welcome our newest member of the TCOM Team, Danijela Zlatevski!

Danijela has spent most of her career working to promote equity in the quality of services provided to culturally and socioeconomically diverse children, youth and families in San Francisco.  Specifically, her work at the Parent Training Institute in San Francisco focused on the implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based positive parenting program (Triple P) in community agencies.   Much of her work involved providing technical assistance to intervention practitioners, quality management (fidelity monitoring), and data management and feedback.  Danijela has joined the team as a consultant on the WISe initiative in Washington State to provide support around the use of the CANS and the CANS data system.

Danijela earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, and her master’s and doctorate in clinical psychology from Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan).  Her pre-doctoral training included implementing interventions and conducting assessments in school and clinical settings with children and families.


Danijela is based out of Seattle, Washington, so stop by and say HI if you are ever in the area!

To learn more about the growing TCOM Team, visit the Praed Foundation site ( and join us at the 13th Annual TCOM Conference in San Antonio, TX on November 4-6, 2017. Remember, Proposalsfor next year’s conference are due March 15. Send submissions to April Fernando at

Get to know us and let us know how we can better help the work you do!

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