Shift, Shift…Bloom: A Podcast All About How People Change

The Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM) framework acts as an approach on how to manage human serving systems (example: healthcare, child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, education). TCOM focuses on shifting these systems away from just spending time with people, to seeing the work as transformational offerings by helping people change their lives.

The Praed Foundation, the organization that oversees the TCOM tools (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths [CANS], Adult Needs and Strengths [ANSA], Family Advocacy and Support Tool [FAST], etc.) is interested in exploring the theme of transformation by attempting to understand how people change. One idea was to collect stories from people with different experiences to understand how they have changed and explore their personal change processes.

To explore personal transformation, the Praed Foundaiton partnered with ActuallyQuiteNice Studios and created the Shift, Shift…Bloom! podcast, which examines how people change, why they change, and how they sustain the changes that are most important to them in their everyday lives.

The ten-episode first season featured guests who consider themselves in one of three categories: change makers, change embracers, or resistors of change. Conversations with host Kristen Cerelli explored the importance of mindset, personality, life circumstances, communities of support, and sources of inspiration on the process of transformation.

Shift Shift Bloom Podcast Cover

We ask you, the TCOM Community, to listen to these stories, share your thoughts using our social media (@shiftshiftbloom), and let us know: Are you a change maker, change embracer, or resistor of change?

Podcast episodes include:

In ten additional “TCOM Takeaway” episodes, Dr. John Lyons contributed his unique perspective, seeking to illuminate how change itself can be both deeply personal and a universal experience.

Season 1 of Shift, Shift…Bloom! has concluded and will return for Season 2, which will focus on individuals who help facilitate change and explore the universal changes that are inventible in most people’s lifetime. Listen to Shift, Shift…Bloom! anywhere you get your podcasts:

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