The first day of the conference is exactly one week from today! Here is everything you need to know when you get there:

Registration begins at 10am at the Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village. If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, do so ASAP so we can get you signed up for each topical info session. Somce of the sessions require advance sign-ups (which can be completed from your initial registration).

Forgot to register in advance for some workshops?  Contact Adriel Jones at for any questions about the conference, how to sign up, or what to do when you arrive.

Keep an eye out on our blog for information on each session!

Registration for the very first presentation will start at 8am for those invited to hear the first presentation by Nathaniel Israel and Dan Warner.  If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact Nathaniel Israel –

Communimetrics and Analysis ***Registration for this presentation is full. Keep an eye out for any notes and handouts!***
Wednesday November 16 9:00am – 12:00pm

TCOM tools such as the CANS, ANSA, FAST and INTERMED are all built on the science of communimetrics (Lyons, 2009). Communiterics is a novel way of measuring needs and strengths in the social services and health care space, and poses unique opportunities and challenges for those analyzing this data, and creating reports and action plans based on it. This 3 hour workshop is an opportunity for those who are on the data analysis side of a TCOM implementation to meet people likewise engaged to share from their experiences and learn from each other. The group will be led by Nathaniel Israel Ph.D., Chapin Hall Policy Fellow, and designer of the “TCOM Reports Suite,” which are the standard reports for analyzing TCOM data. Co-facilitating the group is Dan Warner Ph.D., executive director of Community Data Roundtable, a nonprofit organization that implements TCOM systems in managed care environments, and which leads community-wide communimetric data analysis and action programs. Participants will be invited to share their background in communimetric analysis, with the goal of creating an open dialogue for sharing and learning about the field’s cutting edge.

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