Meet one of your #TCOM2018 Presenters!

Featured in this post: David Channer

David Channer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Chief Operating Officer at A Better Way based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. He has worked on TCOM implementation efforts at the agency, county and regional levels since 2009. He has focused much of his attention on the application of transformational collaborative concepts and practices to challenges in organizational development. e:

Q: What does Person-Centered Care mean to you?

DC: Person-centered care recognizes and embraces the beautiful and challenging complexities that make us human. The people we serve have unique and complex needs. They have rich and vibrant perceptions and world views. And, they have their own transformational goals. The teams that offer person-centered care come with a spirit of curiosity and facilitation. We recognize our own perspectives, meanings and expertise, but we do not impose them on others. Rather, we hold them and focus them with humility in service of a co-created, shared vision

Q. Why should individuals attend this year’s conference/your presentation?

DC: The conference can help move practitioners into a deeper understanding of the spirit of TCOM, offer guidance in best TCOM practices, and forge connections within this international mass-collaborative. My session may be valuable to people interested in supporting the development of management teams that are able to balance person-centered leadership with outcomes-based accountability.

Q: Why did you choose to present on this specific topic?

DC: Our agency is committed to the pursuit of a minimally hierarchical organizational structure. Our approach holds each position in the organization equal in its humanity, value and importance. It also depends on each team member understanding and owning their own role with a self-directed commitment to excellence and with a collaborative embrace of team inter-dependencies. These organizational goals need to live in the structures of everyday work – such as the supervision model described in this presentation.

Connect with David!

Attend his presentation at the 14th Annual TCOM Conference on Thursday, 10/4/2018 at 4:00 pm.

Communimetric Supervision: A Person and Results Centered Framework

The 6 Characteristics of Communimetrics provide a valuable scaffolding to keep us on course.  Applying these same principles to the context of supervision can offer a parallel process that can help improve TCOM implementation and also supervision itself. This workshop describes our use of Communimetrics and TCOM principles to create an intentional parallel process in supervision. We will teach participants a methodology to identify, clarify and monitor the ‘Domains’ and ‘Items’ that define the supervisory purview. Implementation concerns that arise for supervisors and staff using this methodology are addressed and resolved in a manner that highlights the benefits of collaboration, transparency, and accountability in supervision.


A special thanks to our sponsors this year and other individual donors!

The Praed Foundation, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, Casey Family Programs, eINSIGHT (eCenter Research), Seneca Family of Agencies, Centene Corporation, Okay to Say (Meadows MHPI), Magellan HealthcareCommunity Data Roundtable, California Alliance of Children and Family Services TenEleven Group, Objective Arts

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