Our TCOM Podcast, Shift, Shift, Bloom” shared part 2/2 of our interview with Juliana Barton. Juliana’s story of chronic abuse in her family was followed by a series of experiences with apathy and ineffectiveness in child welfare and public health care systems. Despite the challenges of dealing with flawed systems, Juliana was able to rise above them. Her story of resilience and working to give back to the systems that failed her and her family is as noble as it is tragic. We think her story will give you pause, but also it will give you hope and inspiration. Please join us in our journey to understand how people change.

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Juliana Barton

From child abuse survivor and misunderstood teen in foster care, to advocate and aspiring physician, Juliana Barton’s journey has been punctuated with tremendous adversity. One thing, however, has remained consistent: her passion and commitment to serving her community.

“But here in this community of foster alumna, I felt accepted. Through them, I really began to embrace this identity.”

EP5: Take That Chance (Part Two), with Juliana Barton

Before finding a voice in advocacy, pain and neglect overshadowed Juliana’s life. After enduring a tumultuous and abusive upbringing, she entered the foster care system, where she remained until aging out. Despite facing new challenges as a young adult, Juliana was steadfast in her determination to change her narrative, along with those of others. In addition to pursuing a career in medicine, she is a passionate speaker about her experience with the child welfare system, advocating to ensure the development of state and federal policies and practices including current and former foster youth voices.

“Seeing how I could use my voice to impact, to create the change was really empowering for me. I think it was central to helping heal my trauma, too.”

EP5: Take That Chance (Part Two), with Juliana Barton

As the governmental liaison forACTION Ohio, she has led and served on numerous panels, presentations, and advocacy campaigns. She is also a member of Governor DeWine’s Advisory Council on Children Services Transformation and the Ohio Department of Medicaid OhioRISE Advisory Committee. Motivational and empowering, Juliana encourages others with her message— never overlook the power of transformation.

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