Planning for the 14th Annual TCOM Conference is underway! Hosted by The Praed Foundation and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, we invite you to share your work this October in Chicago, IL.

EVIDENCE and TRANSFORMATION: Taking Person-Centered Care to Scale

The idea that healthcare should be focused on the person is not new and a seemingly obvious statement to make, BUT the decisions made for every individual in care are not always reflective of this goal. The idea that healthcare is anything other than about the individual is unacceptable. Dr. John S. Lyons highlights a few reasons why this happens and how TCOM takes person-centered philosophy to scale in the post last month. TCOM offers a strategy to ensure that the people served are treated as equal partners in the decisions made. As part of the larger TCOM community, share how YOU work to take Person-Centered Care to Scale.

Submit your proposals by March 30, 2018. Fill out the form online or download the pdf. Questions about the conference, submission, or how to get involved? email:

Have an idea but need help drafting a proposal? Want to collaborate with another organization? Reach out and we will help connect you to others in the field that can support your work.

Presenters will be notified of acceptance May 1.

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    We are still working on a proposal for a workshop or presentation at the upcoming TCOM conference. We are aware of the deadline being tomorrow. Is it okay to submit it right before midnight, PST time?

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