"Let’s Talk About It"
The New eQIP Podcast Series

We are thrilled to introduce a dynamic new platform that will further amplify your expertise and insights within the Qualified Individuals (QIs) community – Let’s Talk About It Podcast Series. The eQIP Podcast Series is set to be a hub of enlightening conversations, innovative ideas, and thought-provoking discussions centered around the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in our ever-evolving field.


Key Highlights of the eQIP Podcast Series:

  • Engaging Conversations: Join us as we dive deep into engaging conversations with industry pioneers, thought leaders, and fellow QIs, exploring topics that matter most to our community.
  • Insights and Expertise: Share your unique insights, experiences, and strategies that have propelled you to the forefront of our field.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse range of professionals, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations that extend beyond the podcast.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Be a part of a knowledge-sharing movement, contributing to the growth and enrichment of our industry.


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Opportunities for Involvement:

  1. Guest Interviews: Share your expertise, insights, and success stories as a featured guest on an upcoming podcast episode.
  2. Panel Discussions: Participate in panel discussions, engaging in multi-faceted conversations with other esteemed QIs.
  3. Topic Suggestions: Propose relevant and timely topics for future podcast episodes, ensuring our content remains aligned with the interests of our community.

To express your interest in being a guest on the eQIP Podcast Series or to share topic suggestions, please contact us at . We would be delighted to discuss potential episode themes and collaboration details.

What is eQIP?

A Collaborative Partnership for Qualified Individuals (QI’s)

The Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH-C) at the University of Kentucky is proud to help support the eQIP initiative.

eQIP is a groundbreaking virtual partnership in support of QI’s. The intention is to serve as a hub for collaboration, a central point of connection, and a beacon for gathering information and resources specific to the role of the QI. eQIP is meant to be a place for thoughtful sharing of ideas, questions, and best-practices for QIs; and it’s absolutely free! Becoming a partner of the eQIP will allow you to interact with peer professionals across the United States and to strengthen your skillset as a QI in the pursuit of supporting of children and families through FFPSA.


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