Opeeka’s Solution-Focused Care Senior Scientist

Ken McGill has served within the New Jersey Children’s System of Care (NJCSOC) 17 years out of the 20 years statewide implementation. He came to Opeeka from Rutgers University-University Behavioral Health Care-Behavioral Research Training Institute serving as the statewide trainer on Wraparound, the fundamental evidence-based practice offered throughout the NJCSOC, and the TCOM Tools (Child Adolescent Needs & Strengths, Crisis Assessment Tool, Family Assessment Needs & Strengths) curriculum.

Ken was the 2013 recipient of the Praed Foundation’s Outcomes Champion (TCOM/CANS) Award for his work in children’s systems of care and outcomes management. He proudly served as the 2021 TCOM Conference Chairperson. Ken has more than 20 years of experience in marriage & family therapy, education & research and was the longest-serving President of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (NJAMFT). 

We encourage you to read more about Ken’s story and background in his blog post here.


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