The TCOM Team has created an audience survey, and would appreciate your participation: Audience Survey

As TCOM has grown, so have the members of the community we serve. We understand that continued communication with the TCOM Collaborative and understanding who you are is an important part in our goal to continue to connect and collaborate with you.

As members of the TCOM Collaborative, we are interested in understanding your perception of the three brands we serve, as well as learning a bit about yourself, your job, and how familiar you are with us.

Our intention with our survey is purely to understand our audience in order to service the TCOM Collaborative to the best of our ability. Your responses will provide valuable feedback which will shape our communication in the coming year. We would appreciate your participation in our audience survey, and ask that you please click on the link below.

Audience Survey (

We would be incredibly grateful for your help, and we thank you for your time.

*The data collected is processed for our own purposes and is not shared with any third parties outside the Praed Foundation. Further, this data is under no circumstances used for other purposes or sold.

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