Research Project: Teaming and Connectedness

Group of 4 people silhouette on top of a hill with hands raised celebratory

The IPH Center is undertaking a program of research on teaming across helping organizations. Since a large focus of our work is on collaboration, we hope to try to deepen our understanding of the workplace conditions that both facilitate and frustrate effective teaming.
If you are interested and willing, we would appreciate you taking 15 to 20 minutes of your time to complete a survey that will initiate this program of research.
Thank you for considering our request.

Have a Moment?

As TCOM has grown, so have the members of the community we serve. We understand that continued communication with the TCOM Collaborative and understanding who you are is an important part in our goal to continue to connect and collaborate with you. That’s why we have created an audience survey, and would appreciate your participation.