Written by: John Lyons, PhD

As you likely are all aware, the body of research using TCOM and its related tools has been growing rapidly over the past few years.

We want to help make the findings of these research efforts accessible to the larger TCOM collaborative community. Therefore, we are creating brief videos describing the research and highlighting findings of relevance to policy and practice. We will be highlighting these videos on our TCOM YouTube Channel.

We are pleased to share the first of these from Lauren Hindt, PhD and Scott Leon, PhD, from the Promoting Adjustment in Children through Evaluation (PACE) Lab at Loyola University of Chicago. Lauren and Scott have studied the impact of environmental connections and disruptions on the wellbeing of children in child welfare. Here is a link to their video describing this work:

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the TCOM Channel.¬†If you appreciate Lauren and Scott’s work, please ‘Like’ their video. If you are doing work, please consider recording your own video that we can post on the channel to share findings across the collaborative.

Thank you, Lauren and Scott! And thanks to all of you for what you do on behalf of others.

John Lyons, PhD

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  1. This video is great! It is wonderful see more and more groups using TCOM tools to measure and intervene in important areas in systems of care and child welfare!

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