Hello TCOM Community!

We have some exciting news regarding our TCOM Conversations Blog that we would like to share with you.

The blog has been a collaborative space intended to spark meaningful conversations, promote engagement, and provide a common location for sharing ideas, resources and events with all members of the International TCOM community. At this time, we are working on how to better meet the growing needs and interests of this community. With that in mind, you will notice a fresh new look, new pages to keep our conversations organized, and some still under construction sections.

We want to invite you to start this new year by helping us create contents that are meaningful, spark conversations and connect with others!

To share your story, your ideas and contribute to the TCOM Conversations Blog:

  1. Send your post as an email with a title of your choice to:
  2. Make sure to add as a subject to the email: “submission for Blog Post” by (First and Last Name)
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A New Year, A New Blog!

If you have an idea on what to write, but would like some guidance on how to, let us know as well! We can help by providing some cues and suggestions for you to contribute.

We are bringing momentum and enthusiasm to this effort and look forward to exploring the topics that you find meaningful in your work.

Thank you for your support, your interest, and thank you for what you do on behalf of others.

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