This year’s TCOM Conference was a success! We had a record number of presentations, ¬†36 States in the USA, and 4 different countries represented. Every presentation was well attended and we are happy to say that there was something for everyone at every session ūüôā¬†Some of those topics included the CANS, FAST, ANSA, CAT, Communimetrics, Data Use, Wrap Around, Learning Collaboratives, Certification, and more!

To pedal backwards a bit, this conference used to be called the CANS Conference. The shift of CANS to TCOM is an important distinction to make as the number of tools we have to guide and support our children and families all over the world expands. For every child and family we serve, there are an infinite amount of resources and an entire team of people who care working collaboratively to build strengths and meet needs. We need to focus on the entire collaboration of all experts (in the field and those who know the child and family the best), not on one tool or one individual.

Each year at the conference, there are TCOM Outcome Champion Award Winners. This year, there were 5 award winners! (click the link to watch the full video of the awards)

  1.  Madeline Lozowski- for her genuine and kind-hearted leadership in support of families.
  2. Alison Krumpf- for her passion and leadership in spreading CANS and TCOM in Vermont.
  3. Paul Brylske- for his innovative leadership in honoring youth voice within TCOM.
  4. Alexander Jackson- for his persistence and steady hand guiding the implementation of the CANS and ANSA in Alameda County.
  5. The Ministry of Social and Family Development in Singapore, accepted by Wilson Mack and Kevin Tan- for their innovative 1st NATIONAL Implementation of both the CANS and FAST.

Thank you again to New Jersey for hosting and being a key speaker of opening and closing ceremonies. It was a great location and provided a great platform for us to hear about the success of New Jersey’s System of Care. ¬†We went “live” for the opening statements and awards. Videos were posted on our facebook¬†and a stream of updates were available on our twitter. Click here for the video of¬†Opening Remarks¬†direct on our facebook page.

All materials from the presenters will soon be posted here and on the CANSTraining site. At the conference, all attendees received various Tip Sheets on the CANS, ANSA, FAST, and the TCOM Team at Chapin Hall. Here are all of the files to download and share with colleagues, friends, families, and clients, who were unable to attend the conference!

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates and video taken from the conference!

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