Dr. John Lyons was in Muskegon, Michigan conducting a training for Lakeshore Regional Entity. They are planning to implement the ANSA across all 5 agencies in western Michigan. Thanks to Paul Duff, we are able to learn more about what is going on in the world of TCOM!

Lakeshore Regional Entity: from left, Patricia Genesky, Vicky Ohrn-Lannerham, Paul Duff, John Lyons


Lakeshore Regional Entity first heard about TCOM and the tools (CANS and ANSA) in the summer of 2015 from the work done in Indiana. At the start of 2016, they were able to refocus their resources on finding ways to revamp their adult care system and find a tool that best works for them.

With the help of Dr. Darren Lubbers (PhD, Integrated Health Analytics, LLC), they turned their attention to the ANSA as a tool to aid in front door standardization and future outcomes measures.  Lakeshore Regional Entity  compared the DLA 20 and the ANSA for possible use. The DLA 20 is a functional assessment instrument for level of care and functional outcomes, and is utilized to estimate Axis V. The decision was made to use the ANSA because the DSM 5 moved away from Axis V. In expanding their work to mental health, they found that it is useful that the ANSA captures risk behaviors (e.g. suicide, homicide) and has a risk behavior scale and additional risk modules.

The tools of TCOM have modules to be inclusive of the whole process in treating the individual and family.  This means that the ANSA is not limited to identifying the problem, but also lends itself to actionable treatment planning.

Interested in learning more about the ANSA, Lakeshore Regional Entity, or various modules? Comment below and we will reach out ASAP 🙂


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