We are introducing both Jordan Constantine and Rachel Faller, who were recently featured on the new TCOM podcast, “shift, shift…Bloom!“. This podcast examines how people change, and to do this, we ask individuals who consider themselves change-makers, change embracers or change resistors to share their personal stories of transformation.

Jordan Constantine (He/Him) – Senior Policy Analyst and Safe Systems Practitioner, Center for Innovation in Public Health, University of Kentucky

Jordan Constantine, Senior Policy Analyst at the IPH Center

Jordan Constantine knows there are (at least) two sides to every story. And that the saying home is where the heart is can mean more than one place. After growing up in the UK, part of his heart still resides on the east coast in Brighton. But Jordan has done plenty of growing stateside too. 

Jordan mastered the skill of listening early on. Not only to people, but to how people listen to other people. And, how they don’t. After more than twenty years working in child welfare in both the United States and United Kingdom — in front line roles and continuing into leadership —  Jordan’s work weaves around a common thread: Opening more eyes, ears, and hearts to the voices, perspectives, and possibilities in others. Jordan is doing work today that, years ago, could’ve helped both himself and others see and accept him for who he was.

“Gender transition was less about changing from one thing to another and more about allowing who I already was to emerge fully. Improvement work is like that in many ways — we can’t see what’s in front of us because of how it’s always been.”

Jordan Constantine

As a Senior Policy Analyst and Safe Systems practitioner at the Center for Innovation in Population Health, Jordan helps others embrace change by actualizing team and system development in support of quality improvement and system reform efforts in child welfare jurisdictions. Jordan has expertise in applying and integrating safety science in training, practice, and organizational development to improve outcomes and impact organizational culture change. He wants every voice to be heard and valued. All of the time. 

“I have lived experience of our systems. I’ve had a social worker. I’ve experienced trauma. I know what it is to feel daunted by change.”

Jordan Constantine

Jordan serves on the board for a Nashville-based nonprofit, supporting its vision to foster a community where all people identifying as LGBTQ2S+ can connect and thrive. When he’s not helping people see more of what’s possible, Jordan can be found hugging his dog (most likely), writing a haiku, looking for vintage treasures, standing in awe of nature, or sharing good food and even better stories with his people.  

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Rachel Faller (She/Her) – Co-creator of tonlé, Co-founder at Reclaim Collaborative, and Writer for Just Fashion

Rachel Faller, co-creator of tonlé

Rachel Faller is an entrepreneur by trade and a creative at heart. She dedicates most of her time to rectifying harm within the garment industry using a systemic approach-encouraging people to think about the root of systemic injustice and tackling these issues at their core rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Rachel is a co-creator of tonlé – a zero-waste, ethical and sustainable fashion line that is both a brand and a manufacturer. Alongside a small but mighty 60-person team, tonlé is setting a new standard for the fashion industry: That is, to create a business where everyone benefits and thrives. Tonlé believes in horizontal leadership structures and designing from materials that others consider waste, as well as addressing the root causes of the industry’s problems: namely, capitalism, colonialism, misogyny and white supremacy.

“The process of making something or growing something, while in some ways feels like an act of self-preservation or self-reliance—often reminds me of how many people I depend on for my daily existence. I’m reminded of the labor, and hopefully, love, that went into my food and clothing. These practices ground me in reciprocity and the knowledge that, individually—we can’t do much. But collectively, we are powerful.”

Rachel Fuller

Rachel is also a co-founder at Reclaim Collaborative and writes at Just Fashion, a medium publication that explores the intersection of justice and fashion. Rachel’s personal and community care practices include crafting, painting, mending, gardening, and foraging.

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Hear more about Jordan Constantine and Rachel Faller’s journey of change on the newly launched TCOM podcast, shift, shift…Bloom!

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