Complete a test, Do your research, Collect the data…

There is no doubt that we live in a world with a wealth of information about the people, place, and entire environment around us. Aside from the thrilling celebrity gossip and election 2016 madness, what are we doing with all of this information?

With great RESEARCH come great RESPONSIBILITY.

The TCOM Tools help users obtain great information about the child and family. But, what is the distinction between collecting/reporting data (outcomes measurement) and using it at ALL levels of a system (outcomes management) to improve quality and ensure success?

Dr. Christopher Bellonci sat down with Dr. John Lyons recently to discuss this very question. Here is a segment of the interview:

“If you use it, it’s useful. If you dont, it’s useless.”

To view the full interview go to: The TA Network, On the Couch with Dr. Chris

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