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Featured in this post: Jen Cardenas


Jen Cardenas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the founder of the Cardenas Consulting Group. She uses her expertise in clinical and operational management to be a critical thought partner, designer, and coach to leaders of behavioral health and child welfare organizations. She brings her no-nonsense, get-things-done approach to help clients through training, quality management, quality assurance, organizational analysis, implementation, and technical assistance on EHR systems. Previously, Jen was the Director for Quality Improvement at Seneca Family of Agencies–one of the largest children’s mental health providers in California. She has 18 years of experience in behavioral healthcare and 13 years of experience implementing and using TCOM tools. e:

Q: What does Person-Centered Care mean to you?
JC: Person centered care is all about honoring the client and family you’re working with. Trust them – they are the expert in their own lives.  By centering the voices of kids and families, we have the ability to achieve a shared vision and facilitate a corrective therapeutic experience.

Q. Why should individuals attend this year’s conference/your presentation?
JC: The TCOM conference is a great opportunity to meet like-minded folks engaging in transformative work across the world. I’ve picked up tips and tricks for clinical practice, systems work and implementation efforts from the conference.  Attending has made me a better clinician, manager and collaborator!

Q: What drew you to attend this year?
JC: It’s always helpful and grounding to reconnect with the broader TCOM Collaborative. Transformative and collaborative practice is hard and implementations are challenging undertakings.  Connecting with those who are doing similar work rejuvenates me and encourages me to keep moving forward.

Q: What drew you to present on your specific topic? 
JC: We’ve been working on the implementation within Alameda County for more than 5 years. So many ups and downs have been experienced in this effort and we hope that folks can learn from our successes and mistakes.

Connect with Jen!

Attend her presentations at the 14th Annual TCOM Conference on Wednesday, 10/3/2018 at 1:00 pm and Thursday, 10/4/2018 at 12:30 pm.

TCOM Provider Collaborative: Coaching for Success

TCOM Provider Collaboratives have been developed in three jurisdictions (Alameda CA, Washington and New York) and are a new model for TCOM implementation support.  These collaboratives use TCOM practices at a system level to inform implementation activities, sustain progress, coach stakeholders and create a targeted portfolio of tools to create transition from CANS/ANSA as a form to TCOM as a practice model. The collaboratives will present attendees with information on the function and purpose of Provider Collaboratives, integration with TCOM principles and the stages of development of a learning collaborative. From the fragile beginning stages of change management and generating buy-in to creating short term wins, coaching for true family and youth engagement and problem solving to developing and sustaining best practices, the collaboratives will guide a discussion highlighting strategies to engage stakeholders, build competency, improve organizational structures and motivate leadership.

Fostering Radical Collaboration: Regional Reflections on CANS implementation

California’s new CANS mandate is widely accepted as an opportunity for a unified strategy to communicate, address and monitor the individual needs of children, youth and families. This presentation will discuss these opportunities through discussion of a regional convening of providers that explored the challenges and promise of implementing the CANS with the proper supports and regional vision.  A summary of the challenges and strategies shared during that day, as well as highlights of local best practices will be shared. Example Tip Sheets and resource links will be provided to attendees for use in their own organizations.

A special thanks to our sponsors this year and other individual donors!
The Praed Foundation, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, Casey Family Programs, eINSIGHT (eCenter Research), Seneca Family of Agencies, Centene Corporation, Okay to Say (Meadows MHPI), Fidelity EHRMagellan HealthcareCommunity Data Roundtable, California Alliance of Children and Family Services TenEleven Group

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