TCOM and the CANS not only is used all over the United States, but there are many countries that have worked with Dr. John Lyons in adapting the TCOM tools to meet their needs. This year at the TCOM Conference, we have the unique opportunity to hear from our colleagues in Italy on how the CANS and CAT have been adapted for their use. Here are a couple of names to know:

Dr. Alessandro Chinello, PhD

Research Project Manager, Psychologist in Cognitive Neuroscience

CANS Project Coordinator at (IRCCS) Ca’ Granda Foundation Maggiore Policlinico Hospital, Milan – Italy

Prior to 2016, Alessandro worked as a Research Coordinator and Fundraiser at Maria Bianca Corno Foundation, stimulating new psycho-educational treatments and research studies in the domain of eating disorders. He is also a Scientific and Editorial Consultant for Edizioni Erickson, a publishing house and research center in the fields of teaching, education, learning disabilities, special needs, applied and clinical psychology, social work and welfare.

During his PhD and PostDoc at the University of Trento and University of Milan-Bicocca, he studied cognitive development in infants and research management. Currently, his role is to facilitate CANS use and improve its integration in the Italian Health Services dedicated to childhood and adolescence.

Dr. Francoise Peronace, PhD

Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapist

CANS Audit Manager at (IRCCS) Ca’ Granda Foundation Maggiore Policlinico Hospital, Milan – Italy

Clinically, she mainly treats individual and group patients with personality disorders, especially associated to borderline personality disorder (emotional dysregulation, impulsivity, interpersonal problem, self harm, and suicidal behaviors).

Now, she is working at the Policlinico Hospital (Milan-Italy) as the internal/external CANS Audit Manager and as Reviser of the Italian version of CAT and CANS. With the clinical staff of Neuropsychiatric Unit for Childhood and Adolescence, she is improving the implementation of CAT on the Percival Project dedicated to acute and sub-acute psychiatric adolescent patients.


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