Thank you to Tracey Merachli for sharing her vision of the CANS in this poem.

Planting a Seed of Wisdom, December 2015

by: Tracey Merachli,

Resource Consultant-Children First


Well let me tell you about my vision for the CANS.
It starts with listening to families and understanding their unique life and plans.

The life and plans that they experience each and every day
The struggles, challenges and especially STRENGTHS they see for their child, come into play.

We learn together by rating whether there is a need.
By encompassing a reflection of the unique child and family, and planting a little seed.

The seed is the vision that we all want what is best for our children on this earth.
We all have basic instincts and have experiences that mold us since our own given birth.

What is the best way to communicated then? To explore what is going on right now?
What means most to the child and what does their environment allow?

We all see various forms of art from different perspectives, right? So let’s put our thoughts together for discussion and this will shed us light.

For the light brings us hope, of any part of the day we despair.
It brings us hope to want to look at what we want or need to repair.

We can use strength’s and support as a centre-piece, to help you grow and build on the goodness of your child. We can look at needs to prepare us, to assess all the way from severe to mild.

There are 8 domains that can help us walk through the path we stroll.
There are 4 optional modules if needed of any possible vulnerability or needed awareness, and it’s free of toll.

What I mean is simple. “The seed” begins to grow with water and light.
You and I can approach this work together to discover a shared vision to make your family tree grow bright!

Take a walk with me on this wonderful CANS Journey

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