A New Journal Article from the IPH Center:

Creating the Necessary Infrastructure
for a
Trauma-Informed System of Care
for Children and Youth

The University of Kentucky’s Center for Innovation in Population Health, or as we call it, the IPH Center’s leadership team, co-published an article about the Trauma-Informed system of care. In this article, Dr. John S. Lyons and Dr. April D. Fernando explore the importance of trauma-informed care and the steps to creating and supporting a trauma-informed system within the TCOM framework. As professionals who work in helping systems, we understand the impact of adverse life events on a child’s development and well-being and how crucial it is to support not only trauma-informed practices but trauma-informed systems and organizations.  

The article sets up a pathway for professionals and agencies to discuss and participate in creating trauma-informed systems of care that are essential in promoting the well-being of children and youth. The TCOM framework can be used to engineer person-centered care, distinguish between traumatic experiences and traumatic stress to provide effective and efficient care, and address delayed and missed traumatic stress responses.  


As the authors shared:

Creating infrastructure for a person-centered system of care is neither easy nor quick. It requires a steady dedication to ensuring that the stories of the people we serve are discovered respectfully and flexibly. It requires that these stories are coded and communicated with integrity and reliability, and it requires that the information from these stories be used creatively to inform decision-making at the individual, program, and system levels. We owe the people who seek our help nothing less.” 


As part of the TCOM community, we encourage you to discuss your thoughts in the comment section below. What are your thoughts on the efforts, success, and learned experiences you and your organizations have had? 

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