Of the TCOM suite of tools, the most widely used tool is the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (CANS). The CANS is a communimetric measurement tool that utilizes direct feedback from the youth, family & other team members to identify the actionable needs & strengths of the youth & family in developing and informing the treatment plan. While the tool is proven to be successful and helpful to many people, we always want to make sure that clinicians, case workers, and children find the CANS to be engaging and accessible. This desire is what led Lisa, Caitlin, Dan, Vince and Grace to create CANS-Y-LAND.

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CANS-Y-LAND is a step by step process of how the CANS is used at the Child Guidance Resource Centers (CGRC). Based on a popular board game, Candyland, CANS-Y-LAND aims to add transparency and help everyone know what is next in their “rainbow road” of care. On the map, you will see stopping points, connection points, road blocks, and maybe even bridge crossings. The creators chose Candyland as the theme/inspiration because—in keeping with the TCOM goal of creating a common language among systems of care—it is a format that is recognizable. It helps everyone involved see how the process works from beginning to end. The goal of this resource is to increase the ability and willingness of all parties to engage in the process. CANS-Y-LAND makes it possible for every therapist at CGRC, parent, and child to see where they are along this road and what their role is in the process. Overall, it brings clarity to a process that can often be long and confusing.

Under the oversight of the CANS Visionary Taskforce , Drs. Andy Kind-Rubin and Brianna Matey and their team as well as the CANS Communications Taskforce are continuing to create additional resources to engage all staff and develop a common language around services and the care process. Towards that end each CGRC site will soon have their own “CANS Corner” to serve as an ongoing resource. The CANS Corner will be complete with copies of the CANS-Y-LAND, CANS Manual and forms, contact information, training resources, and more.

CANS-Y-LAND and the work being done at CGRC is an excellent embodiment of the goals and values of TCOM. It is not an aspirational map, but fully reflective of the agency’s work. Only with transparency and communication will we be able to ensure that the people served are treated as partners in all decisions that are made.

For more information on CANS-Y-LAND and the work being done at Child Guidance Resource Centers, contact:

Additional credits to design to go to Elizabeth Kessler, owner of Mariposa Marketing and Designs.

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  1. Child Guidance Resource Centers really embodies an organization that has integrated TCOM across its whole agency. The CANS-y-Land poster shows not just scoring concerns, but complete clinical work flows. Nicely done!

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