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The Praed Foundation provides the site to facilitate training and certification on a variety of outcomes management tools including the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS), Adult Needs and Strengths Assessment (ANSA), Family Advocacy and Support Tool (FAST), Safe Systems Improvement Tool (SSIT), Readiness Inventory for Successful Entrepreneurship (RISE), and Crisis Assessment Tool (CAT). In addition to training on these tools, certification and recertification are provided on Administrators are able to track the certification status of their staff through administrative access features.

The Suite of TCOM Tools, copyright held by the Praed Foundation

The site is provided to trainees at a cost to promote the widespread application of these communimetric approaches. The site is organized by jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions purchase this site for use by people working in that jurisdiction. Other jurisdictions utilize a pay-as-you-go fee for use of the site. This payment can be made by charge card or it is possible to purchase coupons for any of the sites by contacting the support desk at

For those of you who already have access to, here is a TCOM Quick Training Guide on how to navigate the site and an FAQ for additional questions.

Additional support for navigating the training site can be found on the Praed Foundation page, or you may email your questions to the support desk at

For a quick guide on how to complete a CANS, FAST, or ANSA, view the Tip Sheets Below:

The TCOM Channel | YouTube

We also encourage you to subscribe to the TCOM YouTube Channel, which will host helpful guides and resources to assist you in becoming certified and to further your understanding of TCOM:

TCOM Training – Site Navigation video series
Ask A TCOM Trainer – comment on our videos with your TCOM questions, and our resident TCOM experts will give their best answers.

Additional Blog Posts to Support Your Practice/Training:

Any additional questions about the training site? Feel free to a comment below and we will be happy to assist.

41 Comments on “TCOMTraining FAQ

  1. Hi– One of my staff members is trying to create an account so that she can take the IM + CANS certification. When she attempts, there is no drop down for our agency and it only goes through the letter “C” for the state of IL. We have emailed the support team and no response. Please advise.

  2. Good Afternoon;
    I hope you can assist me as I’ve taken the TCOM training on 08/13/2021 and the Fast/Cans training on 08/17/2021 and have not yet received my email for testing.

  3. Hello, I just took the IM+Cans training. I was trying to log into the portal to access the exam but I seem to have forgotten my password. I have tried to reset my password for several days and have not received a password reset link to my email address. I have reached out to support and have yet to get a response. Is there any way I can get assistance for this?

  4. Hi– myself and one of my team members have been trying to reset our passwords for several days and have not gotten a response from support. Can we please get some assistance with this?

  5. Hello, I received the below message from Schoox Support. Are you able to re-activate my account?
    Hi Corean,

    Thanks for reaching out! It looks like this account is currently deactivated, and unfortunately we’re not able to reactivate it on this end.

    The Training Provider sets which accounts are activated, so they should be able to help with this. Please reach out to for assistance with the account’s status and to get logged in.

    Thanks, and have a great day!


  6. Hello,

    I am trying to access a CANS course but am unable to find the “getting started course bundle” section of the webpage to enter by code and start. Please advise. The website seems to be under construction.

  7. Hi there. I have a group practice in Arlington, Texas. I just pasted my CANS 84% and ANSA 82%. Now what’s the next step so that I can begin conducting assessments with agencies such as CPS. I would also like to become a trainer in my area. Thanks

  8. Hi
    I have been certified on CANS three times, one in Santa Clara (2016), one in Contra Costa (2018) and one in Alameda (2020). Now I have a new contract with Contra Costa, do I have to do the trainings again? or my certification in Alameda is valid in Contra Costa?

  9. Hi
    I have been certified 3 times in CANS, one in Santa Clara County(2016), one in Contra Costa County(2018) and one in Alameda(2020). Now I have a new contract in Contra Costa but I was certified recently in Alameda, do I need to take the training again in Contra Costa?

  10. why is that Standard CANS 2.0 listed as a private course, my staff and I have had hours of difficulties trying to sign up to the course in order to become certified for the purposes of compliance. The course will be paid for, this seems to be the only blocked course, or perhaps its the only course I have needed on your site and is impossible to access. hours upon hours. yes it is frustrating time consuming and takes away from client care.

  11. Hi, there is no courses available under “My Courses”. Now what?

  12. How do I change my agency? I’m with a new agency that requires the CANS 2.0, do I need to set up a whole new account?

  13. Hi, I took the ANSA final exam twice and passed; valid for 6 months, but wanted to review my wrong answers to get an idea of what I am doing wrong so I can improve. I searched for quite some time and couldn’t find it. How can I do this?

  14. I am interested in this type of training and employment opportunities. Are agencies in the Panhandle of Texas utilizing persons with the appropriate certifications?

  15. My Training certificate is expiring in November 2018. I just need to update the California CANS 50 1.0 training correct not the Los Angeles County CANS 1.0? Just want to be prepared.

    • Good Afternoon Shannon,

      Please check with your agency to see which course you need to certify in.


  16. How do I get an account to complete the CANS training

  17. I was taking my ANSA exam and I was about submit my answers when it locked my account and signed me out. How do it get it unlocked? And how long will it take?

    • Hi Alex-You will hear from someone on our training team within 24 hours with an update on your account!

  18. I am trying to take the San Mateo Co CANS Juvenile Justice exam to obtain trainer certification but my account says it needs to be renewed. I am not sure how to proceed. I have a code given to me by my employer.

  19. My account is locked and I need to take the Magellan CANS training ASAP

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  21. I completed the San Mateo County youth probation CANS training in August and am trying to take CANS test and I’m not sure where to find it

  22. I need my account unlocked due to time sensitive training completion at my job. How long does it usually take?

    • You will hear back from someone on our team within 24 hours of being unlocked and to receive additional feedback. Have you heard from someone yet?
      Good luck with your training!

  23. I’m locked out of my account and cannot get back in? How do I regain access?

    • Hi David-I recommend downloading the TCOM Training Tips sheet. After 3 attempts your account will be locked. Someone from our team will reach out with additional feedback. If you are looking for more coaching, please contact and we will connect you to a local trainer!

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