This blog was created in partnership by the Center for Innovation in Population Health & The Praed Foundation:

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About the Organziations:

The Praed Foundation

The Praed Foundation is an operating U.S. charitable organization 501.c.3 that maintains the copyrights on a variety of tools that support TCOM (i.e. CANS, ANSA, FAST, etc.). The Praed Foundation’s goal is to ensure the intellectual integrity of these tools will continue to be made accessible to all who share the goal of helping others. The primary work of the Foundation is in support of a mass collaboration of individuals who seek to use evidence-based assessments as an approach to working together to maintain the focus of human service enterprise on the people they seek to help. The conceptual framework for this approach is called Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management (TCOM). The foundation has supported the development and dissemination of a set of strategies under the TCOM umbrella that support system improvement.  

The Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH Center)

The Center for Innovation in Population Health is within the College of Public Health – University of Kentucky. The IPH Center is made up of the TCOM Team, who you may recognize as one of the TCOM trainers, researchers, or TCOM support team. The goal of the IPH Center is to bring together trans-disciplinary experts with the goal of improving population health, well-being, and equity.  

The content of TCOM Conversations reflects voices of all members of the collaborative, and not that of an individual. We hope you consider sharing your voice on this platform too.
Contact communications@praedfoundation.org to get involved.