2021 Quarterly Blog Series that is focused on the implementation of the TCOM Tools outside of the United States.

Recognizing the valuable TCOM work that is being engaged in around the world, we are excited to announce a quarterly blog series that will focus on implementation in different countries. These posts will provide information on implementation considerations, challenges, and learning opportunities and will give a peek into how places outside of the United States are using the TCOM tools.

Our goal with our series is to gain an understanding of how agencies outside of the United States made the decision to use the TCOM tool(s); why they chose the tool(s) that they did; how they chose to implement the TCOM tool(s); and whatever information they would like to share to help others either considering implementing a TCOM tool or early in their implementation (e.g., unanticipated circumstances, barriers or conditions that should have been considered; positive outcomes or benefits).  

Articles in the Series:

If you are an agency outside of the United States and would like to share your experience in implementing one of our TCOM Tools, please contact Farhad Rezaei at