What IPH… The Science of Storytelling Can Help Researchers Tell the Stories of Their Publications and Grants?

We are thrilled to invite you to the IPH Center’s very first seminar series!

In 2019, the TCOM group established the Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH) at the University of Kentucky. We are proud to announce that through the IPH Center, we will be hosting a free seminar series, and encourage our TCOM Collaborative to attend.

In our very first seminar series, Stephen Wrentmore, a lecturer with the Department of Theatre and Dance, UK College of Fine Arts, will be discussing dramaturgy, the science of storytelling. Stephen will offer ideas on how dramaturgy can help researchers tell the stories of their publications and grants. This will give our audience an alternative way that health scientists can tell their stories and their work.

Stephen Wrentmore

Lecturer, Dept. of Theatre and Dance, UK College of Fine Arts

About the Speaker:

 Mr. Stephen Wrentmore is the University of Kentucky’s resident expert in Dramaturgy- the science of storytelling. Over his career, he has written, directed, and staged productions all over the world, from Omsk to San Jose. Originally from London, he teaches and is a lecturer in the Dept. of Theatre and Dance, UK College of Fine Arts. He will be discussing how storytelling can be beneficial to people in the healthcare field.

We look forward to your attendance for the very first What IPH Seminar Series!

What IPH Seminar Series

Title: What IPH… the science of storytelling can help researchers tell the stories of their publications and grants?

Webinar date: Febraury 18, 2021

Time: 2pm – 3pm EST

Speaker: Stephen Wrentmore

Location: Zoom

Registration: What IPH Seminar Series

Cost: Free

Contact Email:

For more information on the event, click the link below:

This free webinar is hosted by the Center for Innovation in Population Health. Our goal with our What IPH series is to present innovative ideas that can apply to the public health space. We invite all University of Kentucky faculty, staff, students, and the TCOM Collaborative to join us for our first seminar series. 

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