Meet Dan Warner!

Dr. Warner is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive background in human services and mental health.  As the executive director of the nonprofit organization Community Data Roundtable, Dr. Warner has helped implement TCOM systems at all levels, from small providers, to managed care entities, and large state-wide projects.  For Dr. Warner, the heart of human service work is human connections.  His trainings focus on the use of TCOM tools and visualizations to increase human connection, empowering whole systems to become engaged, collaborative, and person-centered for the benefit of a flourishing and just society.

Dan has also been a presenter at the TCOM annual conferences since 2012. He also received the Founders award from The Praed Foundation in 2018 for his innovative and collaborative leadership in supporting the use of data to inform decision making in practice and policy.

You can reach Dan by checking out Community Data Roundtable or emailing him at

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