Connecting The Dots: "Getting an Organic Hold on the Data"

On the forth episode of Connecting the Dots, we will be speaking with Gavin Rienne, MPH, an Epidemiology & Biostatistics Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health.  Gavin will share his thoughts on managing the problem of small denominators, his approaches for “getting an organic hold on the data”, and the importance of being cognizant of the context in which assessments are completed.  We will explore strategies for involving communities in research, not just as “subjects” (a term that needs reconsideration) but as full partners and beneficiaries. 

Connecting the Dots YouTube Live Series

Tuesday, April 11 . 2023 , 3 PM (EST)

About Our Guest Speaker

Picture of Gavin Rienne, MPH Smiling
Gavin Rienne, MPH

Gavin Rienne, MPH, is an Epidemiology & Biostatistics Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health. He researches differential mental health outcomes of children in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. He is interested in causal inferential application to real-world problems and investigates novel statistical modeling and analytic methods to identify community-specific resource deficiencies and adverse health outcomes. His work focuses on empowering local and state health organizations with the tools to improve resource allocation efficiency and encourage resilient community development.

About Connecting The Dots

Mr. Mark Lardner, LCSW-C, the Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Innovation in Population Health at the University of Kentucky, is interested in hearing stories from people currently working to connect the dots in our helping systems; using their data to seamlessly move from the delivery of person-centered care based on individual aspirations to transformational system level outcomes.

This live video podcast will be an in-depth, and broadly accessible, exploration of innovative approaches for translating assessment data into meaningful metrics across the helping professions. 

Each month a different guest will share their insights on how to use data to better understand the transformational process through the use of aggregated data.  These interactive episodes will air the second Tuesday of each month and be archived with helpful resources on our IPH Center live website.  We hope you will join us on this journey to uncover how applied person-centered data is moving us closer to transformational systems that work for all people.

Tuesday, April 11 . 2023 , 3 PM (EST)

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