“Greetings from Yakima, WA where I am in the midst of doing a 1.5 day CANS Collaborative Treatment Planning and Supervision training with the team from the Children’s Administration at the DSHS Regional Office. Discussions on cultural humility and culturally responsive care have been lively, and folks are engaged in learning the TCOM treatment planning framework.”

This weeks training team from the Children’s Administration, DSHS Regional Office


It’s hard to beat the views of fall in the NW! For everyone in the NW, we will be conducting trainings in WA for the next week. Want more information? Email us!

Stay tuned for April’s next stop in WA to Spokane!


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  1. Embedding the CANS items into a treatment plan is one of the most important aspects of meaningful use of the CANS. Doing both the CANS and treatment planning collaboratively can take time but our early results suggest that time is well worth it. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down in order to speed up. April and others in the TCOM group are working towards a manual for learning collaborative treatment planning within the TCOM framework

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