Collaboration across frontiers:
Explore the TCOM tools in the World

Have you ever wondered where in the world is our TCOM community? We have created this map that will serve as a central hub where users can discover the various TCOM Tools being used globally. It will constantly be updated as we keep growing and expanding our work together.

How to Navigate our Map

The map is simply organized with pins. Each pin represents a state (inside United States land), or an entire Country, internationally. Once you click on the pin, a note will appear revealing what TCOM tools (CANS, ANSA, FAST, or CAT) are being used in that location.

Made with Padlet

Exploring the Posts

  • Browse the map by just clicking on the pins. If your geography is good, you can browse around each location across the world.
  • Use the grid at the bottom of the map, which has each state/country organized alphabetically. Remember to use the sliding bar horizontally to see more locations.

Filtering the Posts

To narrow down your search, you can utilize the platform’s search option. First click on the symbol on the top right: , it will take you to a new window on your browser. Second, go to the upper right corner and click on the magnifier glass symbol . Then, add any word you’re trying to look for, like “CANS” or “Italy”, and this will help you find relevant posts quickly.

Other tips

  • Zoom in or out of the map by clicking the symbols on the left bar. You can also press CRT + scroll.
  • Hide the horizontal bar on the bottom of the map by clicking on the button found on the left side.
  • If you have firsthand knowledge or experience with a TCOM Tool that isn’t listed on the map, please reach out to us to

Let’s keep our journey of discovery, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the world of TCOM Tools!


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