Meet Cinthya Chin Herrera!

Cinthya Chin Herrera received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University. In Alameda County, she is a member of the Alameda County CANS Provider Collaborative and provides training and coaching to several community-based organizations in her region on the use of the CANS. She is the Director of Clinical & Community Training at WestCoast Children’s Clinic (WCC), a child and family community mental health clinic in Oakland, California where she assists in the oversight of a comprehensive training program. Cinthya promotes cross-cultural transformational practice to develop mental health professionals who serve youth and families in the areas of resilience, collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment.  She provides trainings on client-centered, trauma-informed care and collaborative engagement with vulnerable children and families in community mental health settings and draws upon her Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Chinese roots and her experiences as an immigrant to the United States to inform her practice, training, and writings.  

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