From Yakima, April headed straight for Spokane. Washington State is ok, not bad, pretty, GORGEOUS in the fall!

Now we know where April is, but why is she there???

One of more widely known tools of TCOM is the CANS. The Child and Adolescent Strengths and Needs. It (like the other tools) focuses on identifying actionalbe needs and useful strengths. There are 6 essential Domains of the CANS called the CANS CORE. In these domains, there are various items that are completedĀ together. It identifies your current strengths and needs. The scoring system focuses onĀ what action needs to be taken so that all assessment items are relevant for action planning.

New to the CANS? Check out our Family Fact Sheet

Already familiar with the CANS but have questions? Check out our Cans User Tip Sheet

Thank you Spokane for all of your hard work. You all have huge heards for kids and families. Amazing couple of days of training!

CANS Training in Spokane


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