Our TCOM Trainers will be featured in a new monthly YouTube series, “Ask A TCOM Trainer”.

In this series, they will answer frequently and not so frequently asked questions from the TCOM Community. Questions will range broadly from “What is person-centered care?” and “How do I connect trauma to planning?” to more specific topics on the tools, such as, “Why are the strengths rated backward?” and “How do I use the CANS with an older teen?”.

Ask A TCOM Trainer | Trauma-Informed Approach & Trauma Specific Items | The TCOM Channel

Staffed from the Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH Center), the TCOM Team trains and implements jurisdictions on various TCOM Tools (CANS, ANSA, FAST, etc.). The TCOM tools are founded on TCOM (Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management) principles and emphasize person-centered, consensus-based decision-making strategies to work with youth, adults, and families in complex care systems.

TCOM trainers and guests from across the world will weigh in on the topics that matter most to our community. Our goal with this series is to help people understand the TCOM tools and framework, and how TCOM can make a positive impact on others.

For all technical needs on the TCOM Training online learning platform, we recommend you reach out to

Have a question for a TCOM trainer? Leave it as a comment on any of the videos from this series and we’ll answer it in an upcoming episode. Our first episodes are live now with more on the way.

Ask A TCOM Trainer | YouTube Playlist | The TCOM Channel

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