Mark was in Towson, MD today as part of the implementation of Maryland’s family version of the CANS, the CANS-F.   Frontline staff and supervisors from the county child welfare agency met to discuss their existing implementation, review their CANS-F data from the past quarter, and work on strategies to simplify the re-certification process.  (As it turns out, people’s anxiety about testing is often the biggest barrier.  Several people stayed after the meeting to take the re-certification exam on their laptops; 100% pass rate!)

The supervisors in attendance are interested in continuing to meet to identify strategies for integrating CANS reports into their supervisory practice.  Thank you members of Baltimore County DSS for your hard work. We will reconvene in November to continue the TCOM journey!

To stay up to date on what is happening over in Baltimore County, check out their News Blog as well and follow them on social media.

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