Making & Strengthening Connections: Strength Building Through Relationships

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Social connections are positive relationships that provide emotional, informational, instrumental as well as spiritual support. The building of social connections has endless possibilities connected with transformational care planning. Collaborative solutions can develop when there are increased connections and relationships with others connected to an individual’s community. Strengthening connections often initiate a ‘rippling effect’, leading to increases in bonding relationships, recreational activities, and natural supports at all levels: individual, family, and community.

Resiliency | TCOM Podcast

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We are introducing both Michele McFadden and Cynthia Alpan, who were recently featured on the new TCOM podcast, “shift, shift…Bloom!“. Michele is a survivor of a hit-and-run accident where she was left with a traumatic brain injury. Cynthia is a financial advisor in Lebanon, a country that is struggling through one of the worst financial crises the world has ever seen. This podcast examines how people change, and to do this, we ask individuals who consider themselves change-makers, change embracers or change resistors to share their personal stories of transformation.