Oregon’s Role in the National Partnership for Child Safety

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Oregon Department of Human Services, along with 26 other jurisdictions, has shown their commitment to improving their child welfare systems by joining the National Partnership for Child Safety (NPCS). NPCS brings a public health and safety science approach to reducing child abuse and neglect.

Michael Cull, one of our Center’s Associate Directors and an Associate Professor for the University of Kentucky College of Public Health, was invited to participate in an interview with Jefferson Public Radio to discuss Oregon’s role in the National Partnership for Child Safety.

Safety Culture and Child Welfare with Vermont

Just like in aviation and the nuclear industry, child welfare is a safety critical industry and high stakes high consequence decisions are made every day by child welfare workers and caregivers. Dr. Michael Cull, Associate Director for the Center for Innovation in Population Health (IPH Center), was recently interviewed in Welcome to the Field, a podcast for child welfare professionals, caregivers, and community partners. This podcast is hosted by Cassie Gillespie and Pete Cudney at the University of Vermont’s Child Welfare Training Partnership. Dr. Cull discusses his work applying safety science in… Read More

Keynote Spotlight: Meet Dr. Michael Cull

Meet one of your TCOM 2020 Keynote Speakers! Featured in this post: Dr. Michael Cull

Be sure to join us virtually to hear Dr. Cull discuss “Reconsidering Resilience” on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 from 11:50 – 12:35PM EST during our TCOM 2020 Cloud Gathering Conference.

Resilience Reconsidered

by Michael Cull, PhD, Associate Director for Safe Systems, University of Kentucky’s Center for Innovation in Population Health No doubt our resilience as a nation is being tested by current events.  We’re facing significant uncertainty at home and at work. How will we accomplish home visits? How do we ensure child safety? How can we use technology to help those we serve? How will we address our own and our family’s needs? In the face of growing personal and professional stress, there may be no better time to re-visit how we think… Read More