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12 thoughts on “TCOM Talks

  1. I’m a new trainer. Are there any free resources I can share with trainees and who can I contact for additional support?


      1. I love that we’re able to start conversations quickly and easily with others in the TCOM Collaborative! This will be a great resource for me and my colleagues.


  2. I am also a new trainer, and Dr. Lyons recommended that we use the Y-Wheel to help formulate goal setting. I looked on the resources page, but I could not locate it. Could you point me in the right direction so that I can help trainees with this? Thanks!


  3. Hello to all in the TCOM Universe… First time posting so hope this is the place. I am looking for information on states that use the CANS to determine levels of care for Treatment (a.k.a., Specialized; Therapeutic) Foster Care. Can anyone direct me to those states and/or a contact for the state? Thanks in advance, Chris


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