This is a farewell blog post about our teammate and friend who is leaving Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago for an exciting new opportunity. Katherine “Katie” Sun joined the TCOM Team in the summer of 2016. Since then, she launched communications platforms, including this blog, to expand the work and voices of the entire TCOM Collaborative.

Katie Sun

Katie has been a key member of the TCOM team for almost three years. With her big heart and good humor she has been the social glue of both the team at Chapin Hall and the larger international TCOM community. In addition to successfully launching this platform, she has organized and supported the annual TCOM Conference since 2017. It has become a stronger and more effective event with her steady, guiding hand. But her most important contribution to our work may be less about the big, visible things and much more about the way she carries herself in all of her interactions with others. She is kind and respectful to everyone no matter their role. She is always willing to go beyond her duties to extend a hand to someone in need. We often say that the helping field is the work of angels. Katie is truly one of those.

We recognize her many contributions to our work and will miss her presence in our daily lives. But in the TCOM frame saying goodbye is as important as saying hello—and often saying goodbye is a much more joyous occasion than any welcoming. We are very happy to see Katie’s life and career evolving in the direction of her aspirations. From a TCOM perspective, it is all of our responsibilities to support each other in becoming our best selves. Aspirational management is core to our approach. We are happy that she is following her dreams and wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. We celebrate that we have had Katie Sun as a part of our lives and know that she will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of others as her journey continues.

The TCOM Team

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  1. As a presenter a couple of years ago, I had question after question about microphones and speakers and set up. Thank you Katie for making it seem like my concerns were your concerns.

  2. Thank you TCOM for the last few years! I’ve learned so much from you all and will look back on the work we accomplished together with pride.

  3. I sent the following to Katie once I received the news of her moving on…I just read your announcement and I have mixed emotions…on the one hand I am so glad to hear that you are moving on to share your amazing talents with others but on the other hand sad to know that you will no longer be with TCOM.
    My hope & wishes are for you continued happiness & success! Please remember that there are many of us who will continue to remember all that you have contributed to the TCOM Movement.
    You will be certainly missed but never forgotten!
    Be well…and hope our paths cross again soon,

  4. What a privilege it has been to experience Katie’s energy, intellect, and overall expertise in communications and social media! Thanks Katie, for bringing our team into the new millenium and for being an endless joy to work with. I am going to miss you!

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