2023 TCOM Conference Program Cover
2023 TCOM Conference
The Praed Foundation

Are You Ready for TCOM 2023?

You can feel it—a hum of energy that challenges all the hype around the town’s strongest cold brew. In less than a week, these somewhat predictable streets of downtown Lexington,

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WORDS by Dr. John Lyons
The Praed Foundation


Today, I’m describing a word that you may want to remove from your vocabulary or at least be aware of when others might find it offensive.

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Behind the Blue Podcast:
The Center for Innovation in Population Health

On this episode of “Behind the Blue,” Dr. Cull and Dr. Lindsey discuss the center’s mission and goals, the benefit for agencies that rely upon this type of crossover information, how the College of Public Health hopes to utilize the center to improve upon social determinants of health in the population, and more.

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