Mark was in Phoenix, Arizona, conducting a two day CANS Integration training for supervisors and staff from Casey Family Program’s Tucson and Phoenix field offices.  He was joined by Neil Mallon from the University of Maryland.

The training focused on integrating the CANS into Multidisciplinary Team Meetings, Developing Strength Based Action Plans based on the completed CANS assessment, and enhancing supervision around assessment and planning using the CANS.  Staff worked in teams to develop skills around quick and accurate completion of the tool, engagement of the child and family team, developing effective teams and collaborative assessment and planning.

The training served as a good reminder that there are many skills important to the achievement of transformation that sometimes get overlooked in pursuit of completing tasks.  The Casey Family Programs field offices are pursuing efforts that focus on the use of the tool to enhance skills related to transformation rather than simply focusing on completion of the tool.  They have been a strong leader in developing a TCOM approach across their programs.  Similar trainings are being scheduled for their Seattle and Los Angeles field offices.

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