Visualization Garden

Welcome to the Visualization Garden

The Visualization Garden is a curated public source for visualizations related to the TCOM tools (CANS, FAST, ANSA, etc). The garden is populated with both TCOM team submitted material and community-member submitted material. Our goal is to curate the largest collection of person-centered visualizations in the world. We want to provide you a place to both plant new ideas and harvest the learnings from what your fellow community members have planted. The visualizations are accompanied with enough detail that you should be able to reproduce this visualization on your reporting platform. We also highly encourage that you reach out to the author of the visualization and/or a member of the TCOM team if you need additional help.

Do you want to plant?
If you are familiar with the format of the Visualization Garden, you can skip right to the Visualization Garden Submission Form. If this is your first time planting an idea, take a few minutes to orient your self to the Planting Process.

Do you want to harvest?
If you are looking for new ideas on how to visualize TCOM data for your organization feel free to peruse the garden. You can click on a tag category and tag below to see a curated list specific to your interests. To view the most recent entries, see the “Most Recent Posts” section below.

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