Save the date for the 14th annual TCOM Conference at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. Hope to see you all October 3-5, 2018.

Conference Agenda

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EVIDENCE and TRANSFORMATION: Taking Person-Centered Care to Scale

The idea that healthcare should be focused on the person is not new and a seemingly obvious statement to make, BUT the decisions made for every individual in care are not always reflective of this goal. The idea that healthcare is anything other than about the individual is unacceptable. Dr. John S. Lyons highlights a few reasons why this happens and how TCOM takes person-centered philosophy to scale in the post last month. TCOM offers a strategy to ensure that the people served are treated as equal partners in the decisions made. As part of the larger TCOM community, share how YOU work to take Person-Centered Care to Scale.

To learn more about this year’s theme, take a read at Dr. John S. Lyons post on Person Centered Care.


Conference Partners:

Casey Family ProgramsChapin Hall at the University of Chicago, eInsightThe Praed Foundation

Redwood Sponsor:

Seneca Family of Agencies

Birch Sponsor:

Centene Corporation

Maple Sponsors:

Fidelity EHR, Okay to Say (Meadows MHPI), Magellan Healthcare 


California Alliance of Children & Family Services, Community Data Roundtable, TenEleven Group

The Praed Foundation-Review and Resolution Policy

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