The 15th Annual TCOM Conference is around the corner, and we have some exciting news! For the first time ever, our Pre-Conference Day will feature a series of round tables and master lectures covering a wide range of topics. Attendees will be given the chance to have more in-depth discussions with presenters and each other on topics such as data sharing, Families First legislation, and learning collaboratives–just to name a few! In the upcoming weeks we will be highlighting some of these sessions here on the blog. Check out our first featured round table below!

Data Sharing Workshop

By this time there are many successful TCOM implementations collecting CANS/FAST/ANSA data!  This workshop (which is hopefully the first of many!) brings us together to share and compare program norms through the utilization of fundamental, shared reports.

To participate in this workshop you just need to have some ANSA, CANS or FAST data put into selected standard visualizations from the Praed Reports Suite (for more details, please click here). Hopefully, if you are collecting TCOM data, you already have these reports ready.  If not, however, and you would still like to participate, please reach out to, and we will see if we can get your data into shape in time for this workshop!

The workshop will be co-lead by three experts in TCOM data: Dan Warner, Ph.D., Kate Cordell, Ph.D. and Stephen Shimshock, Ph.D.. The workshop format will include a structured training on making meaning out of the reports, including how to assess your program’s functioning in light of the information, and making a plan for program improvement. There are also many interactive components, where participants will actively interpret the data of others and their own programs, and generate increased understanding. 

Participants should leave with a fuller understanding of their own program’s nature and performance, and how it compares to other programs (both similar and dissimilar). Further, participants will have a better understanding of the Praed Reports Suite 2.0, and their ability to summarize system and program performance. 

Because participants need to bring their own data, we ask that everyone pre-register.  The pre-registration form will also explains the specifications for the presentation.  So please click here for details. 

Hope to see you there!

Check out our conference page for registration info, sponsorship opportunities, and the draft agenda!

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