CANS for Italy-2019 Conference

Third Edition of the Italian TCOM Conference

Milan, Italy 2019

We are excited to announce and invite you to the upcoming Italian TCOM Conference in Milan, Italy! This will be the third conference hosted by CANS for Italy, Policlinico di Milano. The group is part of the international TCOM network lead by Antonella Costantino with a focus on the promotion and training of the CANS, all while remaining dedicated to the linguistic and cultural adaptation of the tool.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Strength based clinical practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health”. The first day of the conference will take a look at this issue from different points of view. The second day will focus on the Italian TCOM/CANS experiences with children and adolescents. Here are some presentations to look forward to!

  • “Young people’s strengths and agency as decision-makers and active participants in their care” (K. Martin, B. Ingram, UK)
  • “Collaborative, Strength-Based Treatment Planning: Using the CANS to Drive the Plan” (M. Lardner, USA)
  • “Recovery and co-production: towards an evaluation system for individualized actions in the mental health services (F. Lucchi, IT)
  • “Strengths of mental health workers for better decisions” (S. Corti, IT)
  • “From users to programs: new strengths for children (D. Warner, A. Hope, USA)

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